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Recording all episodes of a program

Friendly Neighbour

I cannot get Optik to record all new episodes of "Blue Jays in 30". I go through the motions of setting it up and when I hit record, there is no indication of recording on the guide. When I check the pvr recordings next day, nothing got recorded. If I repeat the procedure, but select only one episode, it works fine. I recently switched from Bell satellite, and there I could record all new episodes.



I've tried unsuccessfuly as well. I thnk part of the issue is that it's not on at a regular time or channel, it's always changing. When there's a double header it get even more messed up. I suspect that a lot of times the scheduling changes that day or the day before. Some episodes don't have any info on which game it's for, just the generic summary so the series record can't tell if it's new or not.

Friendly Neighbour

What you say is true, but Bell Satellite was able to find the programs and record them. Are the Bell programmers better than Telus programmers?