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Don’t go for the free TV offer


Don’t go for the free TV offer from Telus, we got one 4 years ago and it’s always had problems with the Wi-Fi and now it’s not working at all. Pretty pathetic that they can’t even test the TVs with their own Wi-Fi routers to ensure they work properly before they give them to you, and you also lose your introductory discount which apparently saves you more money than the free TV. Just a cheap ploy to trick Shaw customers into thinking Telus is better.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus doesn’t manufacture the televisions. As with any electronics, sometimes you get a good one sometimes you get a bad one. There’s many factors that can shorten it’s life.


I know many people who received a tv over the years and still works fine.  As for discounts if you’re a long term customer. You can always contact the loyalty department.