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MOCA Vs Moving Box




I have a wireless box that has a really poor signal in my house and today it finally drove me to the point of doing something after having to restart it 10 times for my son. I have had this setup for years and today is the first one this poor (restarts periodically required but nothing like this before).

I have fibre internet and Optik TV. Currently the ONT is connected directly to my Actiontec router in my garage then ethernet runs up to my main floor to power the PVR and mesh internet. That all works fine.

I have one wireless box that is probably 30 feet from my PVR but across rooms and many walls etc. Getting ethernet cable to it has been considered and is way too much work. There is an existing coaxial jack beside the box with weak signal.

I have two options and I'm not sure which is better or if either will work.


Option 1

- I could disconnect the Actiontec router and plug the ONT ethernet cable in to the port that goes to the main floor

- I could then replace the switch at that location (wiring the nearby computer, consoles, etc.) with the actual router and connecting that direct to PVR which is also there along with the mesh wired source. Assuming the ONT and router don't need to be physically close there is no downside on the ethernet side of things I can see.

- The problematic wireless box would have to get a good signal from this new location

- I may lose a different wireless box in this setup but it's one that gets used very rarely anyway

- The part that confuses me is my Actiontec currently has coaxial connected in to a locked coaxial service box in my garage and I'm not clear if this is needed (nothing else in my house is currently connected to coaxial) because this ability will be lost if I move the router


Option 2

- I'm wondering if the Actiontec coaxial is connected to my house's splitter so effectively all the cable jacks are live if I go get a MOCA adapter

- I'm not very familiar with MOCA so my concern here was if I'm opening up myself to neighbours through MOCA but I can't see how that isn't already the case if Telus connected my router to the outside cable network (is there any reason they would do this?)

- If it is as simple as going to buy one MOCA adapter and using it to feed the problematic box this seems simple but for how poor the signal is I'm surprised the installer would half set this up and not just do it

- I'm mainly here to check if my router being connected to coaxial is a security risk I suppose as I could order a MOCA adapter and try this option but hoping someone can clarify what's going on (or I have to break in to the locked service box somehow and hope wires are actually labeled)




Community Power User
Community Power User

I suggest you try option 1. It is a simple, testable solution you can try before following other possibilities.

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