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I want to have Telus move my fiber optic line.

Just Moved In
I want to move the fibre line from the back of my house to a service entrance mast on my rear lane garage.
How do I get this done? The pure fibre team have been zero help thus far.


@Bmct    I assume this is overhead wiring. You will likely have to pay. Your ont will be in garage now with a needed power outlet. From there you have to get it into house  (via cate cable ) overhead or ug in conduit to house. Distance might defeat this also power to. If you put a conduit (telus specs ) garage  to house they might put a new fiber run in for you to location of the ont now. Getting it done might be hard with telus. The fiber run is calibrated by length to supply your internet they will never splice a house run in mid run always a new run. Good luck