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Missing episodes of love island

Hi there! I was watching season 4 of love island on Telus on demand and found that it only goes only up to episode 22 , it’s missing episode 23-31 are these going to be uploaded?

Optik 4K n one TV only

Hello,Contrary to the Telus description below, (#2) I only have 4K channels available on one TV. The only TV that gets 4K channels is the one connected to the PVR box. The message on screen is that the station is only available on 4K boxes. Does this...

KevinL by Neighbour
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Resolved! How can I watch 4K channels on more than one TV

Hello. I have all of the following requirements for 4K TV but can only get 4K on one of my TV's. It is the TV connected to the main PVR box that can only watch 4K channels. The notes from Telus below (#2) seem to indicate that my other TV's should ha...

KevinL by Neighbour
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Need access recent deleted recordings option

Shaw Cable had a spot called “Recently Deleted” in the PVR Recordings where you could retrieve something accidentally deleted. I know you get a ‘warning question’ before deleting but that doesn’t help when your kid or spouse deletes something they ‘t...

MelittaB by Just Moved In
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Frozen screen

Screen is stuck on Your Optik TV digital box is initializing. Tried unplugging, rebooting and nothing working

Hodge by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus TV+

Hi I am a Telus subscriber since the upgrade from OptikTV to TelusTV+, I tried to "Cast/Screen share" from my tablet to my Smart TV and I get the Error message "Required Output Protections Are Not Active".Reported it and Telus could not help and said...

Nancy88 by Neighbour
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Resolved! PVR VIP5662W and TELUS WIFI HUB (Arcadyan)

Hello,Is the VIP5662W WiFi capable? I think it is, but I have it currently connected via ethernet but want to move it where there is no ethernet outlet.How do I connect it to my Arcadyan to the TELUS Wifi Hub please?

deedesie by Friendly Neighbour
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On Demand HBO series shows up in Web Browser search not STB?

When I search my TELUS STB for "The Newsroom" all it finds some old Canadian show with the same name from the 1990s, not the 2012 series with Jeff Daniels. It is clearly accessible as a TV show under our contract via web browser, so why can't be foun...

jdanham by Organizer
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Resolved! cowboy channel

ok we added the cowboy channel (971) to our package because there was programming we happen to enjoy. well its national finals rodeo time we can get all of the content EXCEPT for the actual rodeo event it's self. instead when the rodeo is airing we g...

roadeofan by Just Moved In
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Optic TV+ app error Required output protections are not active

I used the previous version all the time on my Samsung tablet. Since the new updated version I cannot play any TV from the Guide. I either get this error "Required output protections are not active" or it hangs. I cannot find any explanation or worka...

Alberss by Friendly Neighbour
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