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Resolved! Gift t.v

I got telus TV and internet almost a month ago. I have still not heard anything about the gift TV I am supposed to receive or the option to upgrade to the larger size. When is this supposed to happen?

Jay5 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Sportsnet One Pack - Oilers and Flames

Hi there! I just subscribed to the Sportsnet One Pack this past Thursday to watch Oilers games, and it did work for Thursday nights game against the Blackhawks. My problem is that it didn't work for yesterdays game against Philadelphia Flyers. I coul...

CodyT32 by Neighbour
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Satellite box, continues to disconnect with PVR

It’s sporadic. Every 15-30mins. Watching on Satellite box and then freezes, says disconnected from PVR. “Recording not available. Make sure this digital box and PVR are connected to the network”.I reset the power. Reconnect the network. Still problem...

Optic kinda down

My tv keeps going off every 2 minutes then back on

Gsam by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Adding another box

First off, I am not tech savvy. I want to add another box in my house. I have Telus optic tv and Telus wireless internet. I have currently have two boxes, a PVR and a Cisco isb7100. Both are connected to coax cable. I can by a used ISB7105. There is ...

Jbettens by Neighbour
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Resolved! resolution setting for recordings on PVR

Is there a way to pre-set the PVR to record only in NON HD ?I have an older TV that does not support HD but my recordings indicate that they are recorded in HD. The issue is that I am running out of bandwidth (allowable data).

Vancouver by Just Moved In
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Sports in 4K is INCREDIBLE!

OMG! I ordered the Sports package along with the free 4K preview and the quality difference from HD broadcasting to 4K is like seeing standard def vs high definition all over again. Now there really isn't much on playing on the three 4K sports channe...

jra2k1 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Optik TV Go broken?

The App does not seem to work anymore on both ipad and iphone? Any suggestions? iOS 11.0.3

IMG_7114F406588C-1.jpeg IMG_FA5D3E2A3F5F-1 2.jpeg
_Brian by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Where is the 4K hockey??

I'm here in BC an currently have the Sports package plus the free 4K sports preview but I don't see any upcoming NHL games? I realize they have to be Toronto or Calgary but there is nothing for upcoming events.

jra2k1 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Optik box link light flashing

I moved my optik box to a different area in my room now the link light stays flashing and the screen is stuck on initializing. Any idea how to fix this? Other tv is working fine and so is internet. It is just this box that is having problems.

Devon95 by Neighbour
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