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PVR reverts to another episode


If we are watching one episode in a series from demand, and then we pause the episode for a few minutes, after about 5 mins. the PVR screen reverts to a screen that shows a different or previous episode. The option button on the screen is not “resume” - it is “watch” - and it’s a different episode. To get to the correct episode…..we have to go back to demand, go into the list of the shows we watched, and click on the last episode. If you forget, and just click “watch”…it starts another episode, then when you realize it and go back to demand, that episode is now listed under what you’ve watched and it can be a pain to figure out your correct episode, then click on it and return to it. Yes it only takes a minute or so, but when it does it EVERY SIMGLE TIME you pause the PVR - it’s onerous, confusing and a real pain.  We’ve restarted the PVR many times, as has Telus, so that won’t fix it. I believe it’s a fault in the brand of PVR’s software. Tech can send billionaires into space and back, but so often the simplest functions aren’t properly programmed into our everyday equipment - drives me nuts. Anyone run into this or have a solution?



What I would recommend you try, is going into the PVR settings. And that should be a feature you can change or turn off.

Okey dokey. How do I get into PVR settings as a customer? Thanks for your help.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I've encountered similar issues with watching on demand series. As you mentioned it seems to happen when you pause a show and at some point the PVR times out and goes to the wrong episode of the show.


Unfortunately I'm not aware of any setting on the PVR to correct this.


You may wish to submit a request to get this addressed in the Ideas portion of this forum:


Ideas - TELUS Neighbourhood


Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Thanks so much. I have now done that.