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TELUS Home Assistant - Optik Devices OFFLINE

I want to use my Google Home device to issue voice commands to my Optik TV boxes.
I have successfully installed the TELUS Home Assistant in my Google Home device’s app on my iPhone.
All my TELUS devices are detected. However, all my TELUS devices show “OFFLINE” and I cannot find any way to bring them online so that I can use them as discussed above.
I have tried unlinking and relinking and still they are all offline. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Home app, and reinstalling the TELUS Home Assistant.
Is there a missing step or a fix to bring these online?

This happens all the time for me as well. Have unlinked and relinked numerous times and the modem shows online at times but the 2 Optik devices are always offline. Telus dies not seem to care about this.

Hi Ron. Thank you for your reply.

After posting to the forum, and not getting any responses, I decided to call TELUS technical support.

I told the person I talked to all the troubleshooting steps I had gone through. It was clear that the person had no additional advice or resolution to the problem. I asked to be put through to second level technical support; I was told that it might be a couple of days before someone would get back to me: that was weeks ago, and no one has contacted me.

I suspect that the Optik TV set top boxes are firewalled off from the LAN (house) network and that that might be why the Google Home device cannot communicate with them, and therefore sets its status of those boxes as offline.

Hey Galan, the Optik devices used to show up and you could turn them on and tune to a show by voice at one time. It has been about 9 months to a year since they stopped responding. My modem sometimes shows up as On but not today. My network has not changed so the issue is almost certainly with how their backend connects to the devices.

BTW... I just tried turning on and off both my Optik devices using Google voice control and they both responded despite showing as Offline.