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Voice Remote which works with Optik?


Wondering if there is any voice remote which will work with Optik? I know Bluesky uses an XR11, but don't know if this (or any other voice remote) will work with Optik. Of note, I do not (and as a cyber security guy, will not) use Alexa or Google Assistant or any other of these type devices.


I appreciate any guidance on this question.


Community Power User
Community Power User

None that I know of at present.


As for the voice aspect and cyber security, your next question should be who is Shaw using to process the voice data as it's not done just on the box. It's going out to a third party company somewhere. Xfinity in the US uses the same remotes and hardware that Shaw does and includes this in their FAQ:

What happens to my voice commands after I speak into the remote?
Voice commands are sent to us and our contracted service provider for processing, and we use them for quality assurance, troubleshooting and customer support, as well as to improve our products, services and voice recognition algorithms.

Xfinity doesn't say who the "contracted service provider" is but I'd be surprised if it wasn't one of the big players like Google.

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