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Resolved! Optik 4K receivers

Hello, I have 3 TV’s. One is 4K others are just HD. PVR on main floor 4K tv in the man cave. But the receiver down there will not play recordings of 4K tv.... why would that be the case? You also can’t rewind in 4K at least on the receiver. Biggest q...

Naztuzzi by Neighbour
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Resolved! Tv issues

My tv feed is switching on and off...every 3-4 minutes or so. I’ve powered the pvr off a couple times...no change.

Pad16 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Do I need a 4K TV?

I just made an appointment to install Optik TV and the package includes an Optik 4K PVR however it also says you need a 4K TV. Do I need 4K TV to watch tv in general or can I still use it and it just won't be in 4K? I was planning on using the TV I h...

Tv cuts in and out

My Telus Tv continually cuts in and out when watching both PVR and live tv. The screen will just go black for about a second and this happens every 5 minutes or more. Anyone know how to fix this?

Anyone in BC area able to share their ping in Overwatch/WoW?

Telus PureFibre finally got installed in my area and have been phoning me about switching over from Shaw. As far as internet goes, I mostly only care about gaming, but I'm reluctant to switch in case my connection is actually worse.Anyone out there i...

Pvr recording

I am just new to Telus a Optik Tv and can't record and watch a different program on the same tv without turning off the digital box for the other tv. It says all tv streams are in use. I can only watch the program I am recording. Any help? Am I doing...

DianneB by Neighbour
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No component on optik tv box, Telus does not care

Our condo just got upgraded to Optik TV with the VIP5662W box. It does not have a component out, just HDMI. Problem is that that box also de facto adds hdmi copy protection and none of my tv's can take it: after 15 mins on the display starts flickeri...

JYD by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Using slimeline remote to operate DVD player

I am just wondering why TELUS came out with slime line 2 remote over slime line 1 which could be used to operate My DVD player, I realize these new remotes have been out for a while, we have been using a Logitech universal remote that has been acting...

scotty by Neighbour
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Resolved! Tv show

Where can I find soul2soul which is supposed to be on ch 406

Lorne1 by Just Moved In
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