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My bundle now listed as legacy - won't let me delete added channel!

Friendly Neighbour

I added a Disney channel for time when Grandchildren were visiting.  I now want to cancel the channel but it appears to be impossible as they have declared my bundle is "legacy" and I can't make any changes it seems unless I move to a bundle that is not advantageous.

The ultimate bait and switch - I add one channel for $5/month and am now stuck with it until ny current contract expires or have pay more for the same bundle immediately!


I can't find work around d online - can anyone point me in the right direction or is this a travel to their shop issue.  (Call to support is a waste  of time right now!!!)



@Bricoleur  After a period of time the older bundles become legacy. When your 2 years are up phone loyalty and sign up for another 2 same bundle. I maintained the same bundle with a small discount for 2 more years and will do the same thing when this 2 years are up. Every time you want to change your existing package things change $ wise. It will be higher than the $ 5 you are worrying about.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Bricoleur 


If you are on an old or legacy bundle, it is only online changes that are not possible; if you talk to a customer service rep over the phone or by chat, they should be able to remove the channel, and potentially give you a small credit for the time you couldn't remove it yourself. There is no bait and switch - it's just not feasible to support every plan or combo online forever. Please be kind to these folks - they have no control over what can and cannot be done online and they are working hard.


Please don't visit a TELUS store or a TELUS-authorized dealer. They won't be able to make this change for you. If you want to avoid waiting on hold, use the chat function - this is a change that can be made over chat.