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Detailed Questions ab Global BC 1


Hi guys I'm just curious ab this Global news channel while watching Pelosi's trip to the REAL China (not the red one) yesterday. I didn't subscribe to this channel but I noticed that NONE of any other Canadian channel offered relatively complete live coverage for this major news. Only Radio Canada had few live clips. Even Australian ABC knows to work with other media and ended up putting DW's feed on their channel. I wonder if anyone remember catching the speculations, event, analysis and updates on this BC-exclusive channel. Ms. Speaker arrived before Ottawa time 11 am on 3rd and started her business at night.


And plz indicate ur time zone when posting so we don't get confused.


PS: I also wonder if anyone has pay attention to restart functions for Global news programs. What ability does the channel owner allow? And what's its unique point comparing to other Canadian paid channels? including the regional Global feed on Amazon and official website. Do Global upload its exclusive clips to the website? How can I find the original official schedule?