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TELUS Device Checkup App

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Your smartphone is your number one sidekick in your day-to-day life. But what happens when it’s not running at its best? With the new TELUS Device Checkup app, you can keep your device performing in top shape by identifying battery issues, getting tips to manage your apps and optimize storage - right from the palm of your hand.


With the app, you can run tests to check the status and receive recommendations on:

  • Battery
  • Storage
  • Connectivity
  • Data
  • Device

Where to start

TELUS Device Checkup is available on iOS devices (running iOS 8 and up) and Android devices (running Android 4.4 and up). Visit the Apple App Store (coming soon) or Google Play from your mobile device to download today.


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What’s next

When you open TELUS Device Checkup for the first time, you’ll be asked to allow Data Usage Access in the device settings. This is needed to run diagnostic tests.

Whats next.png

From then on, you can select any categories you want to test directly from your phone. When you’re ready to go, hit the Start button.

running the tests.png



Running the tests and discovering recommendations

After hitting Start, your phone will begin testing all your selected categories. If you leave the battery category checked, a battery drain test will begin. This will maximize screen brightness, turn on flash and vibrate your phone for 30 seconds to see if your battery is draining at a normal rate. You will be able to skip this if you decide you no longer want to run this test.


After completing the tests, a summary of your personalized results and recommendations will appear.

running the tests.png

Each of the categories can be reviewed in more detail by tapping the View buttons. For example, by tapping View next to Connectivity you can see suggestions to optimize your device. In the following example, NFC is turned off so payment applications cannot be used. The TELUS Device Checkup app can take you directly to settings to turn NFC back on.


running the tests 2.png

You can always go back to your list of categories by tapping the Summary button.


Running another test

To restart from the beginning, return to the Summary screen and hit Start new test.


Still have questions?

For further details on the app, visit the Support page.

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