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5G in North Vancouver

Hi. I just saw a story that Telus was going to increase 5G coverage "on the North Shore". I was hoping that meant North Vancouver but if course it meant in Quebec. Telus has been promising 5G in North Vancouver for a long time but we still don't have...

Telus Smart Hub

I live on a small Island in BC, very rural, and have had the Smart Hub for about 1 month. I'm only getting 2 bars at best. The hub is upstairs near a window. There are trees all around which may be affecting internet connection. Would it help to get ...

jacktar1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Stopping spam texts

I have the pay and talk 10 plan which gives me 50 minutes and 50 texts per month. Over the past few days, I have been receiving spam texts from the same number (did a reverse look up and all I could find was 647-560-2511 is a landline from Iristel In...

GForbes1 by Neighbour
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How to keep prepaid sim number if no activity at all

Hi AllSo i will be leaving Canada in a couple months and i was thinking of buying a prepaid sim and keeping to use after i return but i do have a few questions.So if i don't use the prepaid sim at all like no calls or messages for a certain amount of...

Alice2 by Just Moved In
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Why would I be receiving texts and calls meant for someone I don’t know and have never met? They think I’m some French girl and my phone thinks I’m in Ontario and speak French. Customer support has done NOTHING so I’ll ask the “neighbourhood”

LMC67 by Just Moved In
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Telus Loyalty

It appears Telus give better deals to former customer (winback offers) than to long time customers. When asked you are just ignored or brushed off

jfr by Organizer
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Problem sending email since switch to gmail

I cannot send email but can receive from my iPhone, but can send from a desktop computer. The passwords are correct on the phone and on the desktop. The message says the user name or password is incorrect. Yet the username and the password on the des...

royce by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Calls not ringing

Calls from unknown numbers not ringing on my phone

Horgan by Just Moved In
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