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Resolved! Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830D

Im currently on someone elses family plan thing, with telus, i was wondering it my phone will work with Telus Voice 35, simple text and talk $35 plan.Its kinda old maybe 10 years, i checked the IMEI and it checks out so i would think i could get my o...

Demonguy by Just Moved In
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Data plan & overage charges

Hi, please can someone explain to me how it is normal to put my account in overage charges for $13.00 when my bill shows I have used 2933MB out of a 3GB plan?

maxi by Just Moved In
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Terrible customer service

This is my second time writing this so bear with me. The first time I wrote it all out I went to sign in with my email and it wouldn't let me. When I went back to sign in with a username everything I wrote was gone. I was trying online to purchase a ...

Cjam by Neighbour
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Resolved! Changing from bell to telus

We switched a few hours ago from bell to a new phone through Telus. My husband is still getting his calls and texts on his old phone and not the new one. Will it change eventually or do I need to do something with it?

Unable to exchange the iphone that came broken

I have talked to 20 different people and no one will resolve my simple issue of replacing a defective device telus sent me. Also my request to talk to a supervisor/manager is being ignored. I order an iphone 11 under the follow plan/price Monthly Fee...

Andrewwwh by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Mobility.mobilite

I have not received a bill from Telus Mobility.mobilite and have no idea how much I owe. I got cut off 3 times because I was "past due". How do I know what I owe if I don't receive a bill? I need the computer to talk to my brother who is deaf and thi...

Tammy1957 by Just Moved In
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Web Store Issues

Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone here has had a terrible experience with the Web Store. Back in November I wanted to get the new iPhone. First, I contacted the retail store at the Eaton Centre and they advised me to place an order online, as they wer...

Employee Discount Activation

Hello, I have hired by MobileKlinik which is holding by Telus.I have migrated my SIM card from Bell to Telus.I can not activate my %40 discount by the website because I have not any Telus email.How can I activat...

mohammad by Just Moved In
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