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1.5% Credit Card pass in

Just Moved In
Technically this is for whomever is in charge of collecting a fee. I would like to know when the "Visa Debit Card" option will be appearing on the My Telus App???

I pay my bill with my TD Visa Debit Card. This is not a Visa, not a MasterCard.

After entering in info, I get the option to pay the bill,through my acct and tells me I won't get billed 1.5% if I use that option or visa debit card.

I used my visa debit card and I'd like my 1.5% charge back

Thank you!

Community Power User
Community Power User

It is still a Visa card. It's right in the name of the card. When that card is charged the transaction still goes through as a Visa. The only difference is it pulls funds directly from your account rather than generating a balance you have to pay after.

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