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Telus agent call offering great mobile phone offer

I was offered a mobile phone deal for my wife and I of 30gb each for data for 125.00. I did not accept the offer right away but they are calling back in a week, how do I make sure this offer is legitimate? Has anyone else received this offer? Thanks

Telus Email Messages Disappearing

My email keeps disappearing from my Telus account. It has occurred 2 times. I contact tech support and it the messages are reinstated. These are messages in my inbox and in folders.The tech is saying it is because I am using iCloud as well. This hasn...

Cshaw by Just Moved In
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Spark Sampler

Heyo Telus neighbourhood!I'm hoping someone can help answer this, I did look online and only found a wee bit of information dating back to 2004 & 2013.I just noticed on my data usage under text messages there is a new section called "Spark Sampler". ...

Misty by Neighbour
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Yahoo rejected from gateway

Hello,I'm trying to send SMS to my phone using the email gateway "", which works fine when I use my gmail account, but when I use my Yahoo account I get this error: Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address....

h3 by Neighbour
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2 bars, LTE but data come and goes (mostly goes)

I’m trying to understand the data behaviour at our cottage (1h north of Gatineau Quebec). It seems like a data throttling problem and not a connection/signal problem…My iPhone 12 Pro shows LTE with two bars but my data is usually not working at all. ...

Sebbb by Just Moved In
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"air duct cleaning services" phone calls

For the last few months I've been getting unsolicited phone calls from "air duct cleaning services" almost daily. It's always from a different phone number, so I can't block them. I keep asking them to take me off their list, but of course that doesn...

pomakis by Neighbour
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Email to text/sms sender name

Email to text/sms messages used to always come in where the originating phone number was actually the sender email address in the message thread. Each email address would be a separate message thread. The last message we received this way was July 27...


Hello GuysThanks for your time for looking at my posted questions and share your insights and suggestions. I would appreciate your help and assistance!As I will come to Canada in the next a couple of weeks as a new immigrant, due to the current preva...