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TelUs TV+

The New Telus TV+ APP I receive an error report and its says.430-10146 Your rental has expired or this program is not included in your subscription. Please repurchase.Can you tell me why this would be and I can't find anything in the site to get the ...

Bure1096 by Neighbour
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Roaming on Rogers

Rogers customers are set up to roam freely on Bell and probably Telus towers when there is an absence of a Rogers signal (Rogers "EXT"). I believe that the feds mandated that some time ago. However, am I as a Telus customer able to roam freely on a R...

Snowdog by Just Moved In
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Credit Card Fees

I’m shocked and amazed that Telus has chosen to penalize its customers for using their CCs to pay for services. While CC fees are definitely high in Canada for businesses, any organization with a halfway knowledgeable CFO has already incorporated the...

cmarcj13 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Port number from one Telus Epp to another

I have access to two different Epp through different employers. I found an offer for new account on one Epp with several discounts, making it cheaper than existing account on other Epp. Can I get the new Epp and transfer number from old Epp or do I n...

Bruce2000 by Just Moved In
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Mobility Services

Why, in 2022, in a country with one of the highest cell services rates, and living in the inner city of Calgary, do I have awful cell connectivity? Dropped calls, people unable to hear me but I can hear them, texts having to be re-sent 3-4 times.I ha...

mardeasha by Just Moved In
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Easy Roaming warning - be very careful

We flew into California, and turned data roaming off within seconds of turning on my phone. Boom - not fast enough - $12 charge for the few seconds my apps tried to sync. The next day someone tried to call me. I didn't answer for fear of roaming char...

nwoilfan by Neighbour
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Resolved! Is Telus Support Getting Worse?

Consider this a vent, I have run out of ideas, call tree options, and patience to resolve a very simple issue. I got a pre paid mobility account for my son under my name. Time came for an online top up, wont accept my credit card information. Tried t...

Chrisq by Friendly Neighbour
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Monthly bill

Hi I was wondering. I paid my bill already for this month. If I changed my plan in the middle of my bill cycle will I still need to pay partially for this month and next month even though I already paid this one. Please let me know thanks.

van778can by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Information

What happens when your contract is up and you want to keep your phone and you can’t afford to pay the bring it back amount all at once ? Can you just keep paying the phone bill that you regularly pay each month until the bring it back amount is paid ...

Telus Easy Roam and Credit Card surcharge

I have been a Telus customer for about 4 years now. I am going to change to a different provider now (along with two other accounts) because of two issues I have with Telus. 1) The credit card surcharge fee, from a company that charges among the high...