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Hello GuysThanks for your time for looking at my posted questions and share your insights and suggestions. I would appreciate your help and assistance!As I will come to Canada in the next a couple of weeks as a new immigrant, due to the current preva...

5G Band/Channel?

Hi;What Band/Channel does Telus use for 5G?I am considering buying a new phone and want to make sure it is compatible.No, I do not want to buy a Telus phone as they do not sell the make/model I am considering. TIA

Jazz59 by Connector
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Add Tablet to Peace of Mind Connect Plus Plan

I currently have a peace mind connect plus plan and wanted to add a tablet to my account. Currently when attempting to do so online I am not prompted with the peace of mind option thst would enable me to add a tablet under my account and would be for...

Network Coverage in Guelph

I live near Guelph university on Gordon St. by Kortright Rd. Cellular service is abysmal, even outdoors, never mind inside a condo. Calls barely come through on the street. Phone is in "H" coverage, but I would gladly settle for 4G. Looking at the to...

TMesz by Just Moved In
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network and Wi-Fi

I am using macOS Catalina 10.15.7. My Network says my Wi-Fi is on and connected to Telus 4900 at I.P., but I am unable to back up my I-phone or get Safari on my I-pad.Thanks.

lestery by Neighbour
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Throttling of data and internet has to stop.

Ok. So I upgraded to a talk and text plan with supposedly unlimited data. During a recent trip I was notified by text that I had reached the limit of my high speed internet and could continue using it at a reduced speed. I went from 29-30 mbps to .04...

GRM by Just Moved In
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Poor cell service

I live just a short distance (1 km) outside the Port Alberni city limits in Beaver Creek. According to all the cell coverage maps I've seen the Telus (Koodo) service should be good, but it's terrible. I barely get one bar signal and calls are constan...

Boatfarm by Just Moved In
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Showing signal but cannot make or receive calls.

So we switched over from Virgin to Telus a few weeks ago and everything seemed fine. We brought over our LG G7 Thin Q's with us. Yesterday while walking the dogs i was separated from the wife (we have an aging dog who won't walk as far) and when we m...

Service quality

I pay 400 a month for 3 phones to barely have service I live 2 hours north of edmonton. Many dead spots between Athabasca and Slave Lake. North of Slave lake good luck on service. Why are we upgrading to 5g when you can't even get LTE to operate prop...

NOSERVICE by Just Moved In
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