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Resolved! Off Grid Internet Install

Hello, Having difficulty in finding the answer to this, including Telus Support Directly.I have an off grid weekend cabin that uses solar and batteries for power. It has plenty of battery power to power a modem full time plus several other large devi...

Phil1 by Neighbour
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Telus you will lose lots of customers I promise!

We have problems in paying the internet bill, you shut down our Internet service at the end of July. However, when we cancel the internet you charge us the fee for the whole August, what the fck is this? We didn't use 1 KB in August! and there is not...

davi by Just Moved In
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Delayed Move

I had just recently moved, but I had to go for a delayed move as my new place wasnt going to be ready until August 1st. I moved out of my old place end of June so I managed to get the 1 month delayed move. Which was from July 2nd to August 2nd. Was I...

Momof3 by Neighbour
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Internet not working

I called yesterday to upgrade my home wireless internet, the tech told me to reset it this morning and it should work... But it doesn't!! How can I fix this? Please and thank you

Erica1 by Just Moved In
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Landline internet connection constantly cutting out

This has been going on for a while now. Wifi works fine, but sometimes tge PC just loses connection. It comes back after 5-10 minutes, but this keeps happening throughout the day.We've called customer service a few times, and they always advise to ch...

JamieR by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Screen Aspect Ratio

My screen aspect ratio is on Normal on my TV settings, and on 1080i on the digital box. When I change channels, sometimes the screen has big black borders on the sides, but the top and bottom are fine, and then sometimes the entire screen get taken u...

Resolved! OPTIK TV Box stuck on "Initializing" screen

Hi, I just got a new TV stand and unplugged all of my TV stuff, and when I was done I plugged everything back in, and started my TV and it just gets stuck on "Your Optik TV digital box is initializing. this will only take a moment." But it doesn't fr...

Resolved! Kodi Blocking on Home Network

Is there any articles on blocking the live tv / streaming functions of Kodi? I realize this is maybe an addon by addon problem. Anyone tried yet?

jdowsett by Advocate
  • 17 replies
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