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How do I verify a used Telus Satellite Receiver?

I want to buy some used Telus Satellite Receivers from someone on Kijiji. I phoned Telus and asked if they could verify if they were in good standing (ie not rentals that were never returned). I gave them the CAID number - no luck. They said I needed...

iPhone 7 +

Just got my phone,I was told that there is a small course givin on all the new fonction of the iPhone 7, and 7 plus


Does the TV guide change from subscribed channels back to simply being guide each time you turn off the digital box? Ours do. Is there a way to keep them at subscribed channels all the time?

Reneeaz by Coach
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Actiontec T3200M Modem

With the new Actiontec T3200M, will I be seeing two wireless networks instead of one, since it is dual band? For example, TELUS1234-2.4GHz and TELUS1234-5GHz? Would you recommend upgrading from the Actiontec T2200H to the Actiontec T3200M?

Do Not Disturb

I want the ability to specify hours during which my land line will not ring. Whenever I've looked for this in the past I have not found it. Yet when I searched again just now, I found a very recent link:

Rocketman by Friendly Neighbour
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Optik TV needed when upgrading internet

Why do I need an optik TV to be able to upgrade from internet 15 to 25? I talked to an agent earlier and she said that "It's because when you have Optik TV it will also get connected to your Internet and the lines will make it more faster and that's ...

iansosad by Just Moved In
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Internet port

We have not been able to sign in and do online PS3 gaming for almost a year. we could before with no problem. Connection issue every time this is attempted now. Is this a port issue?

sogball by Just Moved In
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T1200 installed instead of a t3200

So a tech guy came yesterday and installed a t1200 modem for me instead of a t3200. When I asked for the 3200 model, he said he would have to remove the two extenders already connected in my house to install the modem?I'm just wondering if it's a goo...

Naiar by Coach
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