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Resolved! ZTE MF275R Parental Controls

We recently started using the ZTE MF275R Smat Hub & wondering how to set up an internet schedule to block access for my stepson at night? I can log into the router and block his devices manually but see no options for creating an internet schedule. H...

Metzlk by Just Moved In
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Resolved! T3200 gateway gives better speeds than own router

I have an Archer C50 router connected to port 1 of T3200 with bridging. My speeds both wired and wifi thru Archer are 10-15Mbs higher than when I connect Archer directly to ONT. In other words my speeds are faster when adding the extra hop thru the T...

mtn by Advisor
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Resolved! pretty high ping in online gaming

I live in Edmonton, AB. I have just recently switched to Telus, and have noticed SEVERAL issues. My ping in games like League of Legends, Overwatch, and CS:GO used to be around 42-45ms with Shaw, but on Telus my ping sits around 75ms. It almost makes...

monkaS by Just Moved In
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Customer Service - New Customer

We phoned Telus last week, after 12 years with Shaw, strictly due to some of the features that Telus can provide that Shaw hasn't quite caught up to - and because my Shaw internet just has not been so great lately. The first contact was fine - settin...

Resolved! Port forwading not working

I am trying to forward a port for the purposes of using Wake-on-LAN remotely. Try as I might, I cannot get a port to open so it is seen by any one of the many online "open port checking" tools. This is my first time trying port forwarding, so please ...

YYCGuy by Organizer
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Resolved! Twitter Support

I’ve dmed telus twitter support an hour ago and have yet to receive a response. Is there an issue there today?

Travis44 by Neighbour
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T3200M MoCA daily disconnects.

I have Optik TV & internet. Simply setup with T3200M feeding PVR via lan and one wireless Optik box. My gaming PC is hardwired via T3200M MoCA connection via coax to ECB6200 then Ethernet to PC. I'm experiencing multiple daily disconnects that last 3...

Kevw by Organizer
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Resolved! on demand this is us season 2

Why are only the latest 4 episodes available for season 2 of This is Us in On Demand / Optik TV? Where can I find the first episodes in the series?

t3200m won't display admin page consistently

I have the t3200m modem I was able to consistently load to get to the admin page, log in, make changes. No problem. But after making about 5 changes to the schedule section, the admin page will no longer load. I get a blank page. Althou...

LorneS by Just Moved In
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