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Resolved! Fibre installation/Cat5 cable requirements

I'm going to have fibre installed in a couple of weeks. I want to convert all my coax lines to Cat5 before the installer arrives.I assume that I will need a cat5 cable from the point where fibre comes into the house to where the router/modem will be....

4walls by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus webmail is absolutely terrible

A problem from day one: When forwarding a mail with attachment already there the attachment is many times not delivered. I noticed when people replied with "Nothing here to see". Then I begun saving it to drafts before sending to see if it's still th...

dolf by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! No more Unlimited Internet options

I tried to upgrade to the new Gigabit package or the 250 package and there is no longer an option to have the unlimited add-on for $15 per month. I was informed if I upgraded then I would lose that add-on and couldn't re-add it. I hope that this is r...

Jstew by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Radio Signals

Does anyone know of any way to convert the digital radio channel signals to some equivalent of an FM signal that can be fed to the antenna input of an audio receiver? Back in the day of cable operators carrying radio signals you could just connect th...

jrueger by Ambassador
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So over the last 6 months my email has been going down one computer at a time. one computer can receive email but not send it the others stopped sending and receiving. Just keeps asking for pass word on one and times out on the other. Everything is s...

Baconbits by Friendly Neighbour
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plan price changes

So I noticed that the new price for internet phone lite is $12. Just the listed price , not a promo for new customers. I pay $30 for the same thing because I got it 6 years ago. So when prices go up, my bill goes up, but when prices go down, my bill ...

Baconbits by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! wifi works ethernet doesnt

So i've had telus come out and set up some wired connections and wifi etc. everything was working fine until Yesterday morning (when i noticed it) and i've been stumped since, wifi is working as intended but one wired computer (of 2) does not work. i...

xeoburn by Neighbour
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