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How to control VIP5602&5050 with IR repeater?

Hello, I have two Arris box's in my basement that feed tvs upstairs. My IR repeater worked fine on the old box's but since updating I cannot control the new box's and my popularity in my house is shrinking quickly! Who has had success with Bluetooth ...

Jarden by Just Moved In
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No internet

Is customer service closed? Our internet just shut off and I can't seem to reset the ZTE modem

Resolved! T3200 in bridged mode goes offline after an hour,,, reboot fixes it and then it goes offline again.

I have placed my T3200 fibre modem into bridged mode...It works fine for about an hour and then goes offline,, requiring a reboot to get my connection back... any ideas ??? I have factory reset the mode many times,,, currently it is factory mode, wit...

kengeroo by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Netflix subtitles unreadable

I am really frustrated with trying to read subtitles on Netflix through Optik TV. The white words do not show up against a white background. Why is there no way to change the appearance of subtitles on Netflix through Optik TV? And if there is no way...

psalmone1 by Just Moved In
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ZTE MF279 with External Routers(s)

Have one of these on order and hoping this works.I have a airport extreme router currently running my entire house with a lot of devices (iPads phones thermostat switches etc).I also have a wireless router in my garage about 100 feet from my house be...

Craig944 by Just Moved In
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Email issues with Telus webmail - This is really BAD - Don't use Telus email for anything important

My wife has had intermittent issues with recipients not receiving her email. Most recently last Friday afternoon (March 30) she sent out some messages which were never received. I contacted Telus and they eventually got back to me saying that Telus m...

FuzzyLogic by Community Power User
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Resolved! Fiber using Coax cable

So last week I got internet 150/150. The tech did not want to run a fiber line inside because he said it too much work like wtf. Soooo anyways he’s like I can use coax cable to use from the OMT to the Modem. So I said to him, isn’t getting fiber into...

Blackburn by Just Moved In
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500GB Mobile Internet Needed in Ontario

Hey Telus,I am a rural customer with no services in our area other than LTE TOWERS. We currently have Mobile internet through another company but the overages are outrageous. Paying around $260 for 100GB.I noticed that your company offers 500GB plan ...

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