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Alberta, Silverado, Briddlewood, Shawnessy any feedback from Telus internet quality?

Just Moved In

Dear all,

First post and I'm asking your feedback about the internet quality around my area.

has never tried out Telus' internet service... been with Shaw for 12 years and it is time to say bye bye to them....


looking for your precious experiences and thank you in advance for taking the time in doing so!!!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Those are three different areas in Calgary. Are you planning on moving to one of those three? For clearer answers it may be better to be specific on the area you want feedback for rather than multiple.

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the three area are all adjacent to each other.

I'm in Silverado community where the Telus' fiber optics were build in since 2010.

I have friends living close by (Briddlewood, Sumerset, Shawnessy), hence was asking for them as well.