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Telus assistant on google home

Just Moved In

I am trying to install telus assistant on Google home.

I followed all the steps and I have the digital box showing on Google home BUT it says it is offline....

Any idea what am I doing wrong?



Same issue here. When the Telus tech guy was here, he told me there is no voice assistant. This may be an indication.

But why would the digital boxes show on Google Home....if only as offline?

I read in some google home blog about people experiencing the problem of google home not showing various apps (ring bell etc,) as connected but the app worked fine on its own.

That would tell me it's an issue with Google home,....right?

I just dont want to waist 2 hours waiting to get to Telus, only for them to tell me: sorry, not our

These integration issues are hard for users to diagnose. Each party in the integration points their finger that the other and the users are lead around in circles. My Google Assistant is constantly telling me it can't contact Wemo to turn on/off my lights and simultaneously the lights are actually turned on/off. Go figure.

Just another half baked idea. Everybody wants to claim digital integration but it is certainly not perfected across the board and Telus is a prime example. Please let us know if you figure it out. Mine says it’s offline as well. Before tackling this, I’m trying to determine why Telus cannot properly broadcast basic audio radio stations.