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Fibre Optik

Why is there no Fibre Optik in South Edmonton 111st and Ellerslie Area. Being charged the same using copper lines as somebody with same speed using the Fibre.

Mally by Just Moved In
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rural internet 5 g hub

I have been dealing with trying to get 5G for 3 months, today I'm told 5G is not available in our area. I have spent at least 20 hour with support, technicians for nothing to change. Telus has no idea where the new 5G hub belongs, first it is mobilit...

land line

I was told seniors did not have to pay for their home phone land line. Is this true? If so, why are we paying when my husband turned 65 quite a few years ago. Please advise. Thanks.

linda19 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Heigh of Telus WiFi (Arcadyan) hub

Can someone please tell me the height of the WiFi (Arcadyan) hub ? (The solution to the post on "Dimensions of Telus Wifi Hub (Arcadyan)" only provides the diameter: 5.5")

awr0 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Setting up third TELUS Booster

I just bought my third booster, used.Im going through the “add booster” instructions, setting up the booster hardwired, shows up perfectly, than the instruction say to un-plug, find location and then plugin power again. The new one ends up with perma...

Resolved! Fibre installation in cities

I have been told by several Telus employees that fibre was coming to Sylvan lake, Calgary, Edmonton by 2020-2021, I am just wondering if that is still happening. I am tired of the highest download and upload speed being 2mb/1mb. It’s very unstable an...

Zulzrin by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Bad Telus driver

Look at the video of your bad driver! At the intersection of Cy Becker Blvd NW and 167 Ave NW on May 20, 2022 at 2:29:46 PM. I was travelling Eastbound and was ready to turn left to Southbound. The Telus truck had a stop s...

snguyen51 by Friendly Neighbour
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Fiber Line Quality - What to do?

Hi Everyone, I am fresh brand new Telus customer with Fiber Internet. I did receive my service installed last May 13th, 2022. When I had the first installation all went well and the technician was really nice and great source of education around netw...

a0a03d36-7494-43e1-8875-44914c19c1a6.png 2022-05-19 16_41_49-Telus and 5 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge.png
kingazar by Just Moved In
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Wifi 6 Boost can't login. Session timeout error

I'm having and issue trying to login to my new Boost Wifi 6 access point.I've powered on/off, tried a factory reset, and tried both logging in over wifi and hard wired to the unit. Every time I try to login withusername: adminPassword: the default on...

iapz by Just Moved In
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