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No fibre service in Calgary

Just Moved In

I have called Telus every year for the past 5 years to see if fibre internet will be installed in my community (Varsity, Calgary.. 10 minutes from downtown). Every year they say NO. Did you know you can get fibre in Priddis, AB? (population: 79). Every small farm community has Telus fibre, but not a city of 1.3 million. Should I stop asking and just stick with Shaw/Rogers? Why the discrimination? I live in a university/medical professional community with researchers, IT professionals, etc. yet Telus refuses to acknowledge us. Shaw gives me 500Mbps, but the max Telus can provide is 100Mbps. Should I stop asking about it and just stick with Shaw? I feel like we are being ignored here.



You are not alone. I live on the west side of Calgary in an island of copper service surrounded by neighborhoods with fibre. TELUS fibre service is available 4 blocks from my house as of 4 years ago. Good thing my Internet 75 service has been rock solid and I'm able to work from home without any issues. Would be nice to be on 300 or higher though.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I have fibre all around me in adjacent town home complexes and don't have it after 5 years so don't feel like you're left out..

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @quansem just replied via PM regarding TELUS needing your strata or property manager's approval. We've attempted a number of times to discuss bringing it to your location but that approval is needed. Thanks!