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SmartHome Security FAQ

Here's a handy list of FAQ's that we've seen here and across our social media channels. As always, if you can't find your answer here, you can always post here in the SmartHome Security forum to ask the community! What can I do if I'm experiencing te...

A-B by Community Manager
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Resolved! Home security control panel

Hi, I disarmed my security but all of a sudden there's a 'mute' icon that says 'Silent arming' floating on top of the green disarmed icon. I've never seen this before.

Rickytan by Just Moved In
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Qolsys IQ Panel 4 "Panel Tamper" Message

Does anyone have any idea of how to reset the "Panel Tamper" message that appears only in our cellphone apps (my Android and wife's Apple IOS) and when I log in to the internet "TELUS Smarthome" site? The message does not show up on our control panel...

enb54 by Coach
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Loyalty Department

I just had my hard wired ADT (Telus) security "updated" to the new Telus wireless system on September 25, 2023 . Three weeks later, I had to have a Telus tech come in to fix some issues and I find out that I now no longer have a garage door alarm sen...

Front door smart lock low battery message

I received a notification on my Telus Smart Home app advising the batteries were low on the front door lock. As usual, I replaced the batteries and reinstalled the lock. However, how do I delete the notification/warning from the top of the Smart Home...

KWoo by Just Moved In
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Poor service

How do you connect with someone at Telus that can actually make an appointment for a home visit amd them have the service people show up when they are supposed to. It has now beem 5 days with an alarm going off constantly at my partners home

Sgmore by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Frequent calling

I keep getting calls from (844) 962-1419 with TELUS as the caller ID, nearly everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. I've never picked up because I get these calls at the most inconvenience times. Today for example they've called at 1pm and 4pm and...

Kat1999 by Just Moved In
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Smart Lock showing unlocked even though it is locked.

HiIt is challenging to reach support person on phone. I have been waiting from last 2 hours and no luck so far. My app and control pannel is showing my door is unlocked though it is locked. If i try to lock it using app or control panel then nothing ...

Midhasum by Just Moved In
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Why was a Video NOT taken after my Doorbell was rung?

On my cell phone, I received a notification that my doorbell was rung. I then connected to my "Live Feed" and watched (but did NOT communicate with) a woman banging on my door and looking through the window beside the door. After about 10-15 seconds ...

legtim by Just Moved In
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Smart Security - Can't Link to MyTelus

Long time mobility customer that recently added Smart Home Security services upon changing homes. When I log in to the Smart Home Security app using MyTelus log in info I get a message that says the account hasn't been linked to my profile yet. When ...

Cfrei58 by Just Moved In
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