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SmartHome Security FAQ's

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we launched our SmartHome Security board, and so much has changed since. You may have seen me around, but I’d like to formally introduce myself. I’m MelH, and I’ll be your security go-to expert. I wanted to take ...

MelH by TELUS Employee
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Resolved! WIth switchover from ADT I can't pay my Telus Security Bill!!

Got the email telling me - MY NINE DIGIT - Telus Security account. And telling me to add 'TELUS COMMUNICATIONS' as a payee with my online banking. But the bank won't accept the account number - because account numbers for Telus Communications have to...

How do I get my OLD Vivint hardware and system back?

How do I get my old Vivint system back? The hardware and software was more advanced: 1st: Telus' camera does not have an camera eye that you can adjust using the panel, so unlike Vivnt's system, anyone with a house with steps up to a porch, has their...

CatCC by Just Moved In
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Resolved! scammers

I am attaching a list of calls made yesterday from 7;00 am to 10:00 am all from a so called Olive from Amazon. They all purport that someone has posted a purchase to my account and if I wish to cancel the charge press for one for more details. I didn...

m-caudle by Just Moved In
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billing questions

Who can I contact to discuss my home security first bill? The charges especially around taxes don't make much sense to me, and I am being charged installation fees even though I was told verbally that this would not be the case.

sms messages

been receiving SMS messages from 4799 While it doesn't request anything from me, I don't understand why I am getting it and if it is legit (I haven't asked for anything from Telus)

badboy by Just Moved In
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Home Security Faulty?

Hi Team,I used to install fibre optic and felt the connections were very insecure. 4, 6, 8 or 12 houses sometimes were connected either in a very accessible area in a small tub in the ground or on the lines over head (way more secure).I felt that any...

Resolved! Scam Information

I received a phone call from a Telus agent (Probably a contractor) offering me an iPhone 14 on my account at the same price (with phone payments included) as my current account which does not have any phone purchase costs included. As the discussion ...

Hanson by Just Moved In
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Resolved! When does Telus stop supporting 3G?

I received a letter from Telus Security today. It creates a call to action for me to upgrade my security system. Some quotes: "...the 3G network that is being retired across the telecommunication industry""You have not yet booked this important upgra...

timc995 by Organizer
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