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SmartHome Security FAQ

Here's a handy list of FAQ's that we've seen here and across our social media channels. As always, if you can't find your answer here, you can always post here in the SmartHome Security forum to ask the community! What can I do if I'm experiencing te...

A-B by Community Manager
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How can I remove my address from door to door sales

My dog barks like crazy and I have two kids, I’d rather not scream through the door that I’m not interested. Can I just remove us from this sales tactic? I will never buy a service at my door by an unannounced visitor. Personal nightmare.

AKnowles by Neighbour
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No PhoneCall From Monitoring Station When Alarm Went Off

We just had our Telus alarm set off and received no phone call from the monitoring station. Not sure what we are paying for. This service seems suspicious on many levels; have has nothing but problems with billing, install, malfunctioning equipment a...

MJ2024 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Adding additonal outdoor cameras - Compatibility?

So I have been wanting to add an additional outdoor camera to my SmartHomeSecurity Plus plan without paying $285 (or monthly cost) that Telus charge for an additional outdoor camera. In the compatibility list (of products) for cameras, no other produ...

MrSL by Leader
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Tricked by telemarketers

I was called by telemarketerThe told me there was a trial for a security cameraI told them I had a security system and didn't need itThey kept pushingI said I'd try it but it's a waste of time because I don't need itThey said I could cancel after tri...

ID theft

I have for a little over a year been terrorized by a young lady that grummaged through my apartment finding stocks. We wrote down all my personal information and even had the passwords to all my internet sign in .

Ccarlton by Neighbour
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Resolved! Security (ADT) Upgrades Required Due to 3G Going Away

I have received at least 2 registered letters and more than half a dozen calls on the need to upgrade my old ADT solution because cellular 3G is going away. I keep getting calls despite the following points I make that I am not interested:I have two ...

DS256 by Friendly Neighbour
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Home/Security Support

Since ADT has joined Telus i can never get in touch with any live person to talk to. This can't be a normal way to run a security system and having a monitoring station run by an automated system that can't even have a live person intervene. Contacti...

Garydp by Neighbour
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Installing cameras

We have some cheap Wyze Cams which I was thinking of replacing with Telus cameras. If I was to buy some compatible cams is setting them up similar to the Wyze Cams? Are they integrated at all to our current Telus alarm system? I know I can ...


Each time I request a callback, the calls are made but go straight to voicemail as if I blocked the number. If that is the case, I would like to unblock the number but need to know what number to unblock. Anybody experienced this? Does anyone know th...

lancelot by Neighbour
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