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wired digital TV Boxes

It seems almost impossible to find out whether TELUS has a wired (100 mpbs) ethernet option for digital boxes. I am not on one of those "wi fi will kill me folks", I have 37 years of working experience as a networked DB and security admin and a well ...

a1a37001 by Just Moved In
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NHL Network HD?

Does anyone know when the HD feed for the NHL Network will come to Canada? I've been wondering this for a couple of years now, and am surprised that it seems to be just about the only channel not in HD.If it's a matter of 'asking your provider' then ...

Optik TV and internet

I live in a older basement suite. I want to install internet and Optik TV. I have a separate phone line but no coax connection or installation. I only need 1 TV and a wireless router for internet. What is the best way to do the install without drilli...

Why do i still need xbox live Gold for Optik tv

So Microsoft finny dropped the requirement for Xbox Live Gold on third party streaming services. Apps like Netflix and YouTube, which Microsoft does not run, no longer needs gold. So why do I still need it for Optik TV when I am already paying bills ...

RyDawg by Coach
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Cable box goes static

Just wondering why I can be watching tv no problem and then all of a sudden the main tv goes static. The other 3 tvs are fine. The only way I can fix it seems is by unplugging the main cable box and then plugging it back in. The problem with this is ...

Mrs_Mama by Just Moved In
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Prevent Optik TV box from auto shut off?

So I've discovered that this pvr box will auto shut off after a certain time period, but one of the points of having a pvr is so that you can record programs while you aren't home. Is there a way to turn this setting off, or will it still record my s...

grace1215 by Just Moved In
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Optik TV search within subscribed channels only

Hi, I've had Optik TV for 4 years, at the beginning when I used search on PVR it would only displayed results from my subscribed channels. About 2 years ago, after another firmware upgrade, it started to display results from all channels, even those ...

jehnky by Just Moved In
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Harmony One

We recently switched to telus optic from Shaw and would like to set up our Harmony remote. At the present all we can use it for is the Bosse system

Chisholm by Just Moved In
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Resolved! optik tv keeps freezing

my optic tv has been constantly freezing for the last week or so. It is not channel specific and it is now happening extremely frequently. i have 1 wired pvr and 3 wireless boxes. 2 out of the 3 boxes constantly freeze up. the box in my room has full...

titanle by Neighbour
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