OPTIK TV - No Audio


I don't have any audio after turning on the cable box/TV/receiver/amplifier. There is video, but no audio. After re-booting the cable box, there is audio. I obviously don't want to re-boot numerous times per day and I hope there is a solution. This situation has just recently happened within the last week. Has anyone else experienced this situation?


Are you connected over HDMI through your AV receiver?

Optik -> AV Receiver -> TV

Some AV receivers are finicky about HDMI handshakes and may require a certain order for powering up. Powering up Optik before TV or TV before Optik or powering up AV after both TV and Optik are on can have different results.


Try connecting directly from Optik to the TV as a test to see if the audio problem persists.

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Community Power User

@xray ‘s solution addressed my issue. For some reason, after a recent update, the handshake to my audio system would not address audio on restart, and required a reboot. Connecting directly to the Television fixed it.


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