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OPTIK TV - No Audio

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I don't have any audio after turning on the cable box/TV/receiver/amplifier. There is video, but no audio. After re-booting the cable box, there is audio. I obviously don't want to re-boot numerous times per day and I hope there is a solution. This situation has just recently happened within the last week. Has anyone else experienced this situation?



Are you connected over HDMI through your AV receiver?

Optik -> AV Receiver -> TV

Some AV receivers are finicky about HDMI handshakes and may require a certain order for powering up. Powering up Optik before TV or TV before Optik or powering up AV after both TV and Optik are on can have different results.


Try connecting directly from Optik to the TV as a test to see if the audio problem persists.

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@xray ‘s solution addressed my issue. For some reason, after a recent update, the handshake to my audio system would not address audio on restart, and required a reboot. Connecting directly to the Television fixed it.


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I have this same issue.  We got Optik TV last week and the installer was unable to figure out the issue.  But I have to reboot my optik box (<settings<restart box) every time we want to watch tv.  I have bought all new HDMI high speed cables and have it hooked through a newer Denon amp.  I have tried an Optic cable with no luck either.  It does not matter if they are digital channels, PRV or standard def.  If I only turn on the Optik and the amp I always have sound.  As soon as I turn on the TV I add video and the sounds shuts off.  If I restart the optik box and leave everything else on (and change nothing) once it is done rebooting sound comes on and everything works with video and sound.  It works perfectly until I turn off the Optik Box and then have to do the hard reset again next time.  I have tried turning on and off in different orders with no change.  But as soon as you turn off the Optic box it will not handshake with the TV again without a hard reset.  I have searched LG support, Denon Support, and Telus support with no luck beyond this thread.  I do not want to connect directly to my TV as the reason I have an amp is to enjoy my surround sound speakers.  Any thoughts?

If you connect the Optik box directly to the tv and leave out the Denon receiver does it work?

Yes if I go direct to tv it works. But then I have to use optical cable to Denon and have no Denon settings on my screen and sound is not great. The weird thing is if I turn on Optik and Denon sound is fine then turn on tv and sound is gone. Leave tv and Denon on and restart Optik box and all works perfect. 

If connecting the Optik box to the TV directly has no issues then clearly the problem is with the Denon receiver. You may want to check out the Denon support forums or a site like to see if anyone has found a solution.


Have you checked to see if your receiver has the latest firmware?

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I'm having exactly the same problems with my Sony TV and Sony Receiver. The TV is quite old. The receiver is about 5 years old.


I've used this thread to trouble shoot a little bit to no avail.

- I've plugged directly into the TV, and get video, but no audio unless i reboot the optik every time it is turned on. Unsustainable.

- I've tried turning the PVR, the TV, and the Receiver on in different orders. No difference.

- I've tried swapping cables. Interestingly, my Xbox always has audio even through the receiver, but TV is always an issue.

- I can look for firmware updates - that's next, but neither TV or Receiver have internet capability. I'll have to check for an option for physical media on the receiver.


The PVR was replaced as of a couple of months ago, but this started occurring several months ago on the older PVR too. I wonder if there was some update to the Optik firmware that broke some older HDMI standards support?

Quick update - once I reboot the optik box, the audio seems to work fine with the TV only, even once the Optik box is turned off. So whatever's happening, seems to be happening through the receiver, but I'll try a couple more things to see if they work.

I have to agree with your assessment that this is a new issue introduced with recent firmware.  I'm having issues exactly like you're describing.   Once I was able to fix it by unplugging and plugging back in the HDMI from the Telus box.  But usually I have to reboot the whole PVR.  Interestingly, my second zone audio works which is coming through non-HDMI.  While this is occurring, all other devices connected to the receiver work fine.  I've even switched the Telus box to another HDMI port and experience the same issue eventually.


This is VERY clearly a Telus PVR issue.  Like you, I have an older Sony TV and Denon receiver.  But this issues only started a few months ago.

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Well, we went through customer support.  They claimed it was fixed, and we're back to restarting our Optik TV box every 2 days.  I really wish they would either fix this issue or revert back to old firmware that didn't have this issue.

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Community Power User

I had a similar experience with a Sony surround sound system. Ended up connecting directly to the TV, and using the Optical output from the TV to the sound system.


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