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Arris cable modem - can you use it with Telus Fibre?

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I am in a new building with Telus Fibre installed, I have the Telus wall panel in my apartment closet. In the main room there is a combination ethernet / cable jack for TV box (using the ethernet connection) and a landline cat 5 plug on the other side of the room. I was forced to buy a wireless wifi antenna for my pc to make it work because the modem is in the closet. So my questions are:


1. Does the coaxial cable in the Telus wall panel run to my cable wall jack in the main room?


2. If so can I get the Tech to connect the coax cable end in the wall panel to the Moca port on the Telus modem in the wall panel? 


3. Then can I connect a cable modem such as the Arris SB8200 to the cable jack in the main room which will then be connected to my pc so I can get 1gbps ?



Community Power User
Community Power User

1. The wall panel in your unit is owned by you. The coax in there is independent of the Telus connection.

2. Yes. You'd need another MoCA adapter at one of the other coax outlets in your unit for it to work.

3. No. The cable modem is not compatible. You will not be able to use it. You'll need to use the MoCA adapter to connect your PC. As for the speeds you'll get, hard to say if it'll be full gigabit with MoCA. Ethernet is by far the best option if available.

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Okay thanks for the info Nighthawk. Will see about a splitter for the ethernet jack to be split between the optik box and Moca adapter for my pc. Hope it can be done.