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Resolved! Freezing

My Telus Optik keeps freezing. I've tried intializing but it didn't help.

lenzj by Just Moved In
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how come i can no longer rent movies in non-hd version

i don't have an hd tv .there must be non hd versions available for telus to show.the non hd versions were $5 and the hd versions are $6seriously telus...im 2 years into this 3 year arrangement ...you jacked up my rates on me in march 2013 then again ...

mrdaniel by Just Moved In
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Resolved! TSN 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Beginning September 1st, TSN is expanding it's offering by adding regional channels to the fold. East link is the first cable company stating they will be offering the additional channels, will Optik TV follow suit?

abc123 by Connector
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Optik TV

Just wondering if anyone has Optik TV in Chestermere AB? I've seen a few threads saying "yes they have it" but Telus tells me they don't.

HD PVR and Digital Box

Will telus buy back a PVR and digital box? We are moving to Ottawa and Telus doesn't offer Optik there so we would like to sell or offer back our hardware. They are less than a year old.

OPTIK NHL CENTRE ICE package Missing Channels

Starting with the 2014/15 season, the Ottawa Senators have moved their regional coverage from Sportsnet to TSN. This means, to my knowledge, the Telus OPTIK NHL Centre Ice package is the ONLY Centre Ice package in ALL OF CANADA that won't offer the r...

gwotz by Connector
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Inconsistent Volume Levels

Why can't there be some consistency in the volume of your channels . One blatant example is the Volume of channel # 128 (the weather network). Is there no one at the controls of your feeds

firstep by Connector
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remote Control issues

While trying to link my TV with my telus box so I could power both devices with 1 push of the button I inadvertently made the controller power up and then a 1\2 second later power down my telus box. Is there a remote control reset button somewhere?Th...

trev339 by Just Moved In
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Spanish Channels

Why Telus does not offer any 100% spanish speaking channel? It is almost impossible not to take it personal when you realize that in Canada there is roughly the same population of spanish speakers than punjabi speakers and Telus offers a huge variety...