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Deleting Multiple Recordings

How do I delete more than 1, but not all episodes of a series at the same time?Eg: I have 55 episodes of Seinfeld, want to delete 30 of them at once while keeping the remaining 25 on the PVR.

Kess079 by Just Moved In
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view subscribed channels only in Guide

When the Telus service man setup our system he showed a way in which the Guide could be limited to subscribed channels only. This was without going through favorites, etc. It wasn't an obvious menu choice. We have forgotten how it was done. Can someo...

2Thomsons by Just Moved In
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Proscan TV

Hello,I have Telus TV optic digital box and just got a new Proscan TV.I am trying to hook it up and the tv does not pick up any channels????Help,Carmen

Car321 by Just Moved In
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Optik Slimline remote not sync with Tv

I have had optik for about a year with the 42" LG tv that is given with promotion and worked fine. Today the remote stopped syncing with the tv. So i factory reset it (held down options button typed in 1000) and then went through the regular remote p...

Optik TV

I have had many, many techs come to my house, including a rushman. All my equipment has been replaced. I still have my Optik freezing and pixelating. It will then unfreeze and jump forward so I miss portions of the show. This is especially frustratin...

hgolitly by Neighbour
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Resolved! PVR - can i record a channel at a specific time?

The guide currently shows a rerun of a hockey game scheduled for tonight when in fact I know they will be broadcasting a live event (lacrosse world championship semi final). How can i set the PVR to record a channel at a specific time regardless of t...

SLAM by Just Moved In
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Resolved! ZEE Cinema

ZEE Cinema keeps cutting movies before they are finished, they have been doing this for months now. They also advertise programs which they don't really show. TELUS should tell ZEE Cinema how it upsets and disappoints viewers.

Resolved! pvr

we just got satellite tv and I find the pvr so complicated I by accident recorded a show and have no idea on how to delete from recordings can someone help me pleaseeeeeee, thank you

mdegagner by Just Moved In
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PVR playback problems

Hi, we have the optik tv services and on one tv for some reason when i go to watch a recording it plays for a few seconds then freezes then plays for a few seconds and then freezes. It does this non-stop. We have tried switching out the boxes but it ...

khjoe1 by Just Moved In
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