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When is Speed Channel Coming Back?

Speed channel has been rebranded in Canada by Fox as the 'Fox Racing Channel' and is available on Shaw and Rogers. Why not Telus? TSN does not cover any racing other than NASCAR and F1. We are missing out on 24 hours of Le Mans, Daytona, 12 hours of ...

Big telus tv problem

OK, telus just installed the t1200h router/modem in january and just 10 mins ago i pluged in my linksys EA6400(AC1600) and my optik tv is glitching out and as of last year the telus tv with a different modem, the telus tv went out 3 to 5 times, why i...

cafekief by Ambassador
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PVR stops shows thinking they're finished.

I recently got a wireless access point and now all my pvr recordings stall about fifteen minutes in to the program and the "program finished" dialogue pops up. If I try to restart the show it'll stop at the exact same spot. Help?

Wheate by Just Moved In
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Crave Tv

When did crave get showtime??That's awesome they got it..Love brotherhood, have showtime on my dish in the USA..

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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Optik TV and usage charges

Is Optik TV streaming going to be included with the additional usage charges coming in July 2015 to Alberta or will there be a concession made? I have everything under Telus and was thinking of getting Optik when I move in a month, but not if I am go...

TacoGrl by Just Moved In
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When is Optik coming?

Greetings,Does anyone know when Optik might be coming to Banff, Alberta?Thanks,Shane.

Shane by Leader
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ExploraTV needs to be added to French offerings

I would love to see another channel added to the channels available in the 'French Language' categoryIt is « ExploraTV» I believe it is available to Telus Direct Customers but not the Telus OptikTV customers at least here in Calgary.

tom2385 by Just Moved In
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Optik on the go error codes!

I have had a few error codes when using the live tv feature of on the go.10020|315710020|3192What do they refer to, and how do I resolve these errors?

How do I access NFB and other Smart TV features on Optik TV?

i have just purchased Optik TV and am enjoying the features of the PVR. I used to access NFB films using Roku. Can I do this through Optik TV? If not, how do I access the Smart TV features of my TV set without losing all my settings on Optik.

VicMom by Just Moved In
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