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Tv has no volume when connected to set top box

Just Moved In

Just connected a new wireless set top box to a second tv. Programmed the remote to operate tv and box. Can change channels but have no sound.


Secondly,I am in Alberta but my region is set to Lower Mainland. How do I change that?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Reset the Optik remote and ensure the box's volume is set to max. If the set top box is connected directly to your TV it should work. Do you have anything connected between the TV and set top box like a receiver? What type of cable? HDMI?


If the box is set to Lower Mainland, you'll need to call or possibly chat with Telus to have that corrected. Normally if the set top box is correctly registered to your account it should have the correct region.

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I can confirm that you will need to reach out to the contact centre for the region issue, it requires a configuration change on your account


Try setting the box audio output to stereo.