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Optik playback fails in Edge browser


On my Windows 10 desktop, when using the WatchOptik browser page on Edge (the newer Chromium based Edge), I get an endless wait when trying to watch live. I loaded the developer tools page to find error messages and see that the video load is being blocked by 'CORS policy'. Are there any techies who would know if there are any settings that can be tweaked to get this to work? I installed Windows 10 late last year, and am on 20H2 with the latest Edge browser updates.


I did download Chrome and it works OK, but would like to stick with the Edge browser.




Community Power User
Community Power User

I've had mixed results watching live TV on WatchOptik. Not something I often use. I just tested a few Live videos and had no issues with Edge 90.0.818.42


I suspect there may be a misconfiguration for some content and the CORS headers. Here is an explanation of what CORS is/does:


Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) - HTTP | MDN (


There are extensions to deal with CORS.


Extension for Edge:


CORS Unblock - Microsoft Edge Addons


If you've enabled allow extensions from other stores in Edge there are also these options:


Moesif Origin & CORS Changer - Chrome Web Store (

Allow CORS: Access-Control-Allow-Origin - Chrome Web Store (

CORS Unblock - Chrome Web Store (


Note that CORS is security mechanism meant to prevent potentially harmful content being injected into your browser. Using these extensions can put you at greater risk while browsing.


Hope it helps.



Just a long time customer hoping to help.