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Resolved! Watching Optik TV Recordings on iPhone

I have read a 2014 posting that says you cannot watch Optik TV PVR recordings on an iPad or iPhone (http://forum.telus.com/t5/Internet-TV-Home-Phone/Optik-TV-App-gt-Watch-recordings/m-p/30075/highlight/true#M1261). I am also familiar with using the O...

GALAN by Neighbour
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Optik TV and Green Channel Preview Box

I have noticed that when I exit Netflix Channel 422 and then use the Guide the channel preview box in the top left of the screen is just a solid green rather than showing the current channel selected on the Guide. The only way I can get the preview b...

JJR by Organizer
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TV remote won't work

I went to watch TV and the remote is suddenly not working. I can turn the TV on and adjust the volume. No recorded shows, I can't change the channels, no guide. The buttons on the box don't work either. Any ideas? Thank you!!!

bubba1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! New Netflix Error

Netflix was working fine, then today apparently random selected programs that worked fine yesterday now pop up with a "to view this content, change to a lower screen resolution setting or to an HDMI port that supports HDCP 2.2". I've changed my TV re...

ickster by Neighbour
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Optik Wireless Box, default to wired instead of wireless

Hello there, I have two Wireless Boxes and one access point.I managed to activate them using the pairing with the access point and then once activated/paired, insert the RJ45, this allows them to work properly.....until power goes off, then I have pl...

garbia by Just Moved In
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Optik TV Remote Record App

I can no longer access my account on the Optik TV Remote Record App on iOS. I get an error message saying Connection Currently Unavailable.Anyone having same issues??

Optik on the go- Is there anyway to get a new confirmation code?

I am beyond frustrated. We have two tv's- both have been set up to work with my android optic tv app but since a tech brought new wireless hardware (a new modem and wifi digital box for the bedroom) over two weeks ago I can't use the app as I cannot ...

Telus Optik 4K STB Compatibility for LG Universal Remote

Has anyone had any luck configuring LG's Magic Remote to work with the Telus Optik 4K (Arris VIP5662) Set-Top Box? Arris does come up as a supported manufacturer during setup. Thank-you.

JohnA by Just Moved In
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HDMI-CEC issues with Optik box

I'm using a Samsung tv, with an Onkyo receiver and a PS4. I've always been able to use the hdmi-cec (Anynet+) features of all 3 to have them all turn on/shut off simultaneously. So turning on the PS4 will automatically turn on the TV, turn on the Rec...

Bomarr by Friendly Neighbour
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Audio video Sync problem

Big fan, longtime reader first time user.So I switched my hdmi cable, reset the box, deleted PvR storage from 61% to 38%.Gone through all of settings for audio,TV and Set top box.Why is the audio to video sync problem still occurring on live and PvR ...