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Resolved! Channels disappearing

All of a sudden a number of the channels that we've had for years are being listed as "info' meaning they will be disappearing at the end of the month. Why is that?

Bmisky by Neighbour
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Resolved! Unable to view HDMI content

Hello, I have tried connecting two different TV's (Insignia & LG brands) to my Optik box. I find workable (I think) codes for both of them, at least they load. The TV screens display the Optik info (Guide, etc.) but there is no TV picture. On the Gui...

Cymro by Neighbour
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Linking optik box to ipad

We have been trying all night to link our ipads to our digital box. We have reset the box, we are hooked up to our home wifi (telus), it generates the codes and the codes come up on our ipads, but it continues to say cannot connect, make sure yoy are...

Optik App issue

First of all, it is difficult to find a vehicle by which one can provide feedback/complaints regarding the optik app. I would suggest a feedback button in the app like many other app developers provide.That aside, I have a few issues with the app.1) ...

Nealv9z by Just Moved In
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4k box + Harmony remote

I have the Telus (Arris) VIP5662w 4k box. I'm using a harmony universal remote and can't get it to work. I've tried setting the harmony remote to many different boxes including the VIP5662W itself. No dice. Anyone have any luck with this combo?

Kev12345 by Organizer
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Netflix app not launching on 4k box

True rebooting several times and it still doesn't work. Starts to load then just cancels and goes back to launch screen. Works for my other non 4k boxes. Any ideas?

clo by Neighbour
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Resolved! 4K PVR only allows 3HD streams

Tells advertises that I should be able to record up to 5 HD streams but my PVR only allows 3 HD + 1 SD. I called and was told it was because that's what my account is set up for.But I haven't found anywhere on their websites or on my account where th...

SunDog by Organizer
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Resolved! Disney Circle and Telus Fiber ?- ( Parents please read)

This device is magic for parents. I can turn on / off / set limits and filter internet access for my kids from my iphone. Works great with the current actiontek routers, but doesn't support the new Fiber routers. I understand it's a disney issue, but...

TonyO by Just Moved In
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Resolved! What 4K programming?

Have a 4K TV, 4K Arris Optik VIP5662W box & 4K HDMI cable and understand there are only the TSN 905 & Ambient 26 channels... but why don't I see any Telus 4K movie rentals showing up anywhere? Also has anyone using the Netflix 4K subscription, with t...