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Missing Episodes in VOD Library

Hi folks. We know you're passionate about your favourite show(s) and rely on the VOD library to catch up on or re-watch your episodes. We recognize certain episodes may not be as ready as you are so we'd like to enlist your help in flagging them. Sho...

dru by Community Manager
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Satellite tv and PPV... NOT WORKING!!

I am getting very frustrated with Satellite TV PPV NOT WORKING!! And Telus techs keep going over the same scripted step by step issues to solve a problem which DOES NOTHING to move the issue:I see a PPV movie which I like then... Go through the proce...

Optic install in neighbour

Hi, my neighbourhood had Optik installed in November(ish) 2017 and the install crews mangled 2 parts of my yard. Now that winter is over, are they going to be coming around to fix. I literally have a cookie sheet size hole that’s 4 inches deep with a...

Resolved! My optik tv account was deleted

I created a Optik Tv account so I could watch Optik tv on the go and use the smart remote. However my Optik tv account got deleted for no reason or without notice. At first, I thought my password was wrong but it turns out it was deleted. Any way I c...

Keith5 by Helpful Neighbour
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Can't stream video

I can't watch a video without it freezing every 2 to 3 seconds and plays for 2 to 3 seconds and freezes for 2 to 3 seconds........................ This has been happening for about 4 months. It wasn't always like this, I used to be able to watch vide...

Reimerbr by Just Moved In
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Disable TV during certain times

Hi thereIs there a way I can disable tv so that no one can watch without a pin or only enable tv during certain times.Thanks.

minaz by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Demand and channel subscriptions

Just wondering if you have to be subscribed to a certain channel to watch a show on demand? Like would I be able to watch a show on demand that airs on MTV but not be subscribed to MTV?

Haley1 by Just Moved In
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TELUS tv audio problems

Hi is anyone having trouble with audio intermitent cutout on Telus tv

optik tv app

My Optik TV app won't let me sign in. It says Something unexpected happened. Please try again later (LP1008)Ive tried deleting the app and reinstalling but to no availany suggestions?

jpodsdad by Just Moved In
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