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Equipment returns


I returned some equipment to Telus in July 2021 and it still hasn't arrived . Its being held at recipients request by Canada Post. So this is a bit extreme NO? I mean on hold for six months? I can understand a delay with covid and everything but six months? I check the tracking every now and then, and just can't believe it.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you being billed for the equipment? Don’t lose that tracking receipt!

I agree 6 months is way out of line, and am surprised the Post Office would store it that long!

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Wondering if there is anywhere to return Optik TV boxes in person.  I'm thinking to cancel OptikTV and go Internet only, when my contract ends.  Wouldn't want to have a situation like the above or like some others have described.

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any updates, Cyrus?  I am in a similar situation, but it has been 4 months for me.  I think this is another way Telus is making money off us... by holding the parcel and continuing to charge rental fee..


There needs to be somewhere to take the equipment in person, like any Telus mobility outlet. This is crazy and unacceptable, in my opinion.