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Remote codes for Sony Bravia TV

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Anyone have Slimline 2 codes that work on a Sony KD75X85J tv? The TELUS site doesn't recognize the new TV and the existing codes don't work. Closest I got was one that would turn off the tv, but won't turn it back on.


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Not sure if you've seen this but Telus has a list of additional codes to try sorted by manufacturer:


Slimline_Remote_2_Extended_Code_List.pdf (

I was able to pair my Sony using the basic 0017 or something like that... but covers on-off but not volume. On your attachment above there are a tonne of codes for Sony. Any suggestion how do I find for KD43X85J?


These work for me:
Sony XBR65X900E: 1465, 1466
Sony XBR75X900H: 1465


Hi Shovhd, did the solutions suggested by FuzzyLogic & Noupix work for you? Let us know.

Hi. I went through the lists provided and one of them worked. Thanks. Just can’t remember which one. My remote now turns the tv on and off and controls volume on my sound bar, but I had to use the optical cable instead of the hdmi.

My tv was freezing and a technician came. (Problem seemed to be that my Telus 75 can't keep up, and he throttled it down to Telus 50 so that everything wouldn't crash down ... as a temporary fix until fibre optic soon gets installed in my area)


After he left I realised that the volume was working on the remote... so I assume that he set it up for me!


not getting any solution

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You copied and pasted a forum post from 2004 from another website. Why exactly are you looking for answers to someone else's post from 17 years ago?

If you find a post useful, please give the author a "Like" or mark as an accepted solution if it solves your trouble. 🙂

@emmawade wrote:

not getting any solution

You also aren't getting any credibility by plagiarizing someone else's post word for word.