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slimline 2 model 2774 remote codes for Sony ZR-55A90J OLED

Just Moved In

Have tried the extended code list. Can't find a code that will control volume on TV. Also can't find how to change the input on the TV from the remote. Ant suggestions?

I've also tried programming the Sony remote to control the Telus set-up box. The TV does not recognize the Telus (Arris) set-up box VIP5662W.

I have a Harmony I could presumably make work but I had hoped the new brand remotes(Telus, Sony) could do everything today.

Again, any suggestions?


Community Power User
Community Power User

This is not encouraging (Sony claims it's not programmable):


Remote Codes and Programming Instructions (


Alternatively if you have some patience there are extensive lists of Sony codes here:


Sony TV universal remote control codes (3, 4 and 5 digit) (

Just a long time customer hoping to help.