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Install Optik On the Go App on Android TV?

I just got an nVidia Shield TV and it would be great if we could install the Optik TV app on it (currently "not a supported device"). It would be a way to watch a show on TV when my wife is hogging all the tuner streams.

Zed273 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Netflix not working on optic tv

We just got optic tv and internet. Since day one Netflix app will not load. We try to go through the guide and through the apps button. It tries to load then seems like it gives up. We have tried all the troubleshooting steps, unplugged it, reset the...

Lack of 4K Content on demand

I upgraded to a 4K box, and Internet 50 when I got a new TV a few months ago. I knew there was not much 4K content currently, and was simply looking ahead to the future (plus my 10 year old Telus PVR died and I needed a new one anyways). Telus is now...

GMoney by Neighbour
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Resolved! Netflix no surround sound option on IPV5050 wireless box

Anyone else have this issue? The 5.1 option comes up on the 4K PVR unit but not on my wireless HD box (IPV5050) that one only has stereo options available. The tv channels work fine in surround sounds, only netflix doesn't. I've checked with support ...

Benny280 by Just Moved In
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Crave TV

How do I watch two or more episodes in succession of a HBO series without getting kicked back to the main menu after each show?

bailey by Just Moved In
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Resolved! New PVR...can recordings be switched ?

Need a new PVR.but have many movies etc already recorded on my own one. Can these be transferred to new one ? If not, could I use my old PVR with a second tv as a digital box and still have access to recordings ?

Turn off Netflix autoplay?

This might be a good candidate for our Ideas section. We'll move this over and capture it so that feedback can be forwarded to our content teams. Thanks! - dru

dru by Community Manager
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Resolved! Satellite receiver

My satellite receiver constantly resets every day at 3 am, why? Also the receiver comes ON by itself, why?

Linda2 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Guide/Channel Changing Extremely Slow

Using the guide, and changing channels, on the main Optik TV box has become incredibly slow. Just started in the last month, but if I try to use the guide to surf what's on, or scroll through so I can set up a recording, it seems like the things slow...

Roteco by Organizer
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