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No sound for some channels with new Soundbar.


Hi - I just installed a new Samsung Soundbar A650.  Everything works...except...when I go to watch Crave on Demand, Netflix or Prime there is no sound.  All other channels work fine.  It's so strange.  I have tested it by using my iPad and running these apps directly to my TV via HDMI and the sound works great on the Soundbar. 


I think I have tried every possible configuration to connect the Set box with the TV and the soundbar.  It seems to be only issues with channels that are "streamed on demand".


Everything worked fine on the previous Soundbar and same configuration, other than using HDMI Arc.   The new soundbar was manufactured in August 2021. 


Any advise or suggestions?  Thanks!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you tried using optical output on your tv to optical input on the sound bar? Does the issue resolve itself?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Possibly check he sound settings on the Optik Box. Might be related to Stereo vs Surround?

Just a long time customer hoping to help.