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Optik TV Intermittent Channel / PVR Problems



I'm hoping someone might have experienced a similar issue as me or have some input of what else I can try to fix the problem...  I have a VIP5662W PVR and 2 VIP5602WT wireless boxes.  Several weeks ago I first noticed that 75% or more of my subscribed channels would show a black screen on my TV.  PVR programs would not play and I wasn't able to record any programs either.  Netflix and Stringray apps still worked.  I tried both of my wireless boxes and most of my channels worked on them but recording and PVR playing didn't work.  Netflix worked but Stingray had display but no sound.  I then proceeded to reboot all the TV boxes and noticed right away that all were stuck on the "initialization screen".  I then rebooted my T3200M modem and power cycled the ONT.  All boxes were still stuck on "initialization screen".  My internet works fine as several of my computers work and I did a Telus speed test and it's all working fine.  Eventually after an hour or so the boxes came back and my channels worked again.  TV apps worked as well.  But PVR still didn't play programs and I wasn't able to record anything  (programming unavailable - try again later).  Next day after work I'm dealing with the same problem all over again on every TV box.  Some channels work, most don't.  PVR and recording might work for the first few minutes when a box is rebooted but if I switch to another program or watch a channel and go back it doesn't work again.  I have called Telus and was on phone with someone for 2 hours getting me to power cycle and reboot all my equipment over and over again and nothing is fixed.  He asked me to leave all boxes unplugged overnight and try again in the morning.  When powered up the boxes can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more to get past the initialization screen.  I was told that there must be a problem with my internet but my internet works fine.  I've tried changing the ethernet cable on the PVR.  I've changed the switch I use.  I've plugged the PVR direct into the wall and all the same problems still keep happening randomly to all TV boxes.  Everything has worked fine for a very long.  I logged into MyTelus and tried to do the online health check with my services and it came back with "issues with your connection to Telus - line quality / service issues".  I mentioned this to tech support when I called and I was told there were so service issues to my house.  So I'm very confused.  Could a software update on these boxes cause this problem?  Could my boxes be failing and need replacing?  Appreciate any help or suggestions.  Thanks.


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Community Manager

Hey, we'll send a private message to discuss further, thanks.