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Resolved! amazon firestick and optik app

There appears to be no way to install the Optik TV app on a firestick. i have tried every trick I can think of. With a lot of people including myself signing up for Starlink for our RV's this is a pain in ass. I notice the competitor, Shaw has an app...

telcoman by Just Moved In
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Hi to all!I am a newcomer and started using Telus 6 months ago, the tariff is 75 Internet. Everything was fine, but when I moved to a new apartment, Telus changed my contract to Internet 15 with a limit of 200 GB per month without my consent. They sa...

Alex_K by Just Moved In
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Projector not working with optik box

I get an "out of display range" warning from my older 720p projector. I have changed the aspect ratio to 720p on the box but I still get the warning. I suspect its due to hdmi 2.2 output from the box. Is there anyway of changing it to hdmi 1.4? Or is...

TR7 by Just Moved In
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Missing episode

@AmyjWhite lotus S2E7 missing from VOD/Crave. Was there last night. Show name

Jkoebel by Just Moved In
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Optik TV Sports Apps

I have the NFL and NHL sports apps on my Optik TV but the apps no longer show the scores. Why are the scores no longer showing? There are only dashes showing. How can I get the scores back? Thanks for any help.

Jlhooker8 by Just Moved In
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NHL Centre Ice Channel Delays

I’ve noticed recently that some feeds on NHL Centre Ice channels are very delayed. For example: I have a game on right now (TBL@SEA) on channel 1105 and I received a notification on my phone that one of the teams had scored but didn’t see it on scree...

SeanD75 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Wirless Digital Box HDMI Port not working

Recently I have been trying to use my Telus Wireless Digital Box to watch shows but when I plug it in it says no signal all the lights on the front work. I have tried multiple different cables and tried it with different TVs. I also have a main Telus...

Ammaar by Just Moved In
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Optik TV gives No Output to TV

I'm trying to use my Telus Wireless TV Digital Box, but when I power it on the TV, it shows no signal. The signal strength is good and the lights work. It also turns on and off. It just doesn't output a signal. We tried multiple different cables and ...

Ammaar by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Which KVOS on channel 141?

Looking into maybe switching to Telus for our TV needs. Having a look at the channel listings, I see KVOS Bellingham listed in my area on channel 141, and I wondered if anyone can tell me if that is in fact the MeTV channel, as opposed to the Heroes ...

Dascott by Just Moved In
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