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Why would the audio on my TV just stop working for Optik TV only (and not my other devices?)


Basically yesterday I was watching YouTube from my Optik TV, and then it crashed (20 minutes spinning). When I unplugged the Optik TV unit power, and plugged it back in, everything seemed to work normally, except for the audio. I can watch live TV, recording TV, and apps like YouTube and Netflix, but none of them produce audio after the crash.


If I plug-in my Amazon Fire Stick, audio comes out fine, but If I try plugging theOptik TV unit into the same HDMI port, I hear nothing.


I've been on hold for 10+ minutes, and not getting any help from TELUS Home Services in AB & BC Support.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Possibly the PVR volume got set to 0?


Make sure the digital box volume is set to 25 by using the remote volume button while in OPTIK mode.


That wasn't it.


After about an hour on hold, I got through to an agent who performed some remote diagnostics on both my modem and PVR.  He fix the issue this time.


When I asked about steps we could do to prevent this from happening again, he said that I could try a factory reset or calling them back. I was not provided with any root cause or preventative action from this recurring. 


I guess spending an hour on the phone with Telus every now and then it's just the cost of doing business with Telus.