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Resolved! Error code on App

Every time I try to login to my Telus App, I receive an error code (LP1008). I am not allowed to login at all... Any ideas?

MatthewS by Just Moved In
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Home phone 2 go app (crashes) on iphone X

I am trying to run telus home phone 2 go app on my iphone x but it crashes all the time after loging in and after giving permission for contacts and microphone etc. Uninstalled and installed app 100 of time and did troubleshooting too but still doesn...

Arin by Organizer
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Telus Reward "Special" Bonus flaws

I just got a flyer in the mail letting me know about Telus Rewards. It says that if I activate my Rewards account I will get 30 points. What it doesn't say is that those 30 points are actually "Bonus" points as described below: According to https://w...

SunDog by Coach
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home phone 2 go

Can anyone tell me. Will the 2 go phone work when i go to Alberta from BC. Also what would the cost per month be ? I have a Samsung J 3 may not work? I know your home phone has to be on fiber. But does it only work in your own town.

polecat by All-Star
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This is not a comment or a request. This is a statement. The first time you do not send me a monthly paper bill with a clear and complete breakdown of all charges, all changes and time frames of charges and changes, my contract with Telus BC is ended...

gonet1 by Just Moved In
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A thank you letter to telus

Dear telus, I truly apreciate how difficult you made cancelling my apointment. Its great knowing that i have to wait an hour on a waiting list just to call in and the fact that because i was told to call a different number and i falsly presumed it wa...

Gaarm by Just Moved In
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