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Problem with MyTelus app.

I have had this issue going on 2 months now. I can log into the app, but I cannot access the “Optik TV” menu in the app. It says “There seems to be a problem. Please try again”. I have, multiple times.

When I first called in, I was told they were upgrading the system, and it should be normal in a week. That was Dec. 10. I have talked to 5 people about this. I have had the wrong info submitted on the ticket, to being oromised a callback in a day or two, only to have it happen 3 weeks later.

I am trying to link my Amazon account to Telus in order to bundle it, and guess what?!? You NEED access to the “Optik TV” menu in the MyTelus app.

To be honest, I have not gotten a phone number for these 5 individuals, so I take some blame. But what do I do? 2 months is ridiculous, no?

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @Zman2k2 did you try to uninstall and reinstall the app? 

Numerous times. It occurs on the app on my iPhone, iPad as well as on the web portal on the website with my Windows laptop.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Out of curiousity, were there any changes to your account around the time you noticed the issue, or even shortly before?

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Noticed mid-December. Phoned about it then, and was told there was a system update being done by Telus on the backend.

Okay.  Just read your question again @@Nighthawk.  This time it hit me, my contract was renewed at the end of November.  THANK YOU!  I will definitely mention that next phone call.


So I called again, a couple days ago, and talked to the sixth person about this. At the time, didn’t mention the account renewal as I didn’t connect it. Anyways, very helpful man named Jorge said he’d get the techs to look into it. IT WORKED! Sort of. I now have web portal access, but no app access. I’m good with that, but if the app can be fixed, that’d be great too.